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Rare find Healer's Brass Bell to call the spirits of the ancestors or to be used during meditation or other spiritual rituals, one of a kind shamanic healing tools that is essential at any altar. 

The significance of a bell; Symbology varies, sound has long been know for its healing benefits. Calling on, celebrating, honouring something or someone, represents the archetypical energy of the feminine or the masculine, with each bell having its own unique tone.

Qero Paqo's Spirit Altar Peruvian 9cm Handcrafted brass Tumi's Bell

  • Often bells are paired with one representing the earth, Pachamama or otherwise known as the feminine as the red path and a second, the Sun or the masculine on the white path. This amazing bell, has a beautiful tone and come in a nice little pouch. Handcrafted in Peru this beautiful quality bell is aprox. 9cm long

  • Yes we refund or exchange this product if received wrong or damaged, we  reassure you that you can buy with confidence. as we will do our best to pack and wrap as a fragile item.

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