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Beautiful Hand Made Mixed Feather Smudge Natural Feathers Fan with a large piece of the Mother Medicine Vine Ayahuasca (SIZE 3.5X3CM aprox.) for protection and guidance during spiritual rituals with a unique and rare Female Huayruro Seed for prosperity, abundance and evil eye protection, Holding all the elements is a beautiful large chunk of Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) blessed by local Shamans in Peru responsible harvested from a 60 Years Old Palo Santo Tree, hunging from the Palo Santo Chunk is a tree of life representation for balancing the energies and intentions during rituals.

Palo Santo Ayahuasca Smudging Mixed Feathers Wand Fan

  • Feathers are: Natural Rare Forest Owl Feather, Guatemalan Pheasant Tail Feathers, red Reeves Pheasant Feather and natural Peacock Feather for good luck and fortune, it all represent beauty that is eternal, immortal, both within us and around us. Use in ceremonies for purification and protection.

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