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Mate is a traditional South American infused drink, particularly in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, southern states of Brazil, south of Chile, the Bolivian Chaco, and to some extent, Syria, Lebanon and some Brazilian regions. It is prepared from steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water.

Mate is served with a metal straw from a shared hollow calabash gourd. The straw is called a bombilla. The gourd is known as a mate. Drinking mate with friends and family from a shared hollow gourd with a metal straw (bombilla) is an extremely common social and ceremonial practice in these countries.

Mate and Bombilla Set, Ceramic Cup and Straw to drink yerba mate

  • Traditional Ceramic Cup for drinking yerba mate. Handcrafted ceramic cup wrapped tradditional leather  . Due to the item being a natural item, it may differ slightly from the photo. Naturally painted in the Andes Mountains. Bombilla, metal straw with holes at the end to filter out the tea leaves. Won't rust.

    Note: You are buying one set (one cup and 1 straw), holds 200ml aprox.

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