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Beautiful Hand Made Mixed Feather Smudge Natural Feathers Fan, a great tool for protection and guidance during spiritual rituals, cleansings and ceremonies, Holding all the elements is a beautiful large chunk of Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) blessed by local Shamans in Peru responsible harvested from a 60 Years Old Palo Santo Tree, with a regular size Andean Brown Agate stone to filter positive energies, which will also balance the other elements for a prosperous smudging.

Palo Santo Smudging Mixed Feathers Wand Fan

  • Feathers are: Natural Guatemalan Pheasant, Amazonian Macaw Feathers and natural white Peacock Feathers that represents beauty that is eternal, immortal, both within us and around us, used in ceremonies for purification of the soul. 35 Cm Long Aprox.

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