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An intricate and colourful work of art with so much detail on it. One side of this tepi is formed with Ayahuasca Vine Mother Medicine, and the side to blow through is made of a puma  bone. Like a sacred gift, the receiving side is made from Ayahuasca Vine and has lots of crushed Chrysocolla in a beautiful ornate design representing green coca leaves, along with an extra small piece of Ayahuasca vine. It has bead Shipibo pattern for protection, the colours are bright and really make the tepi come alive. Aprox. 40 cm long.

Please Note due that this product is handcrafted you may receive one with other shipibo patterns or colours then the one in the picture.

Tepi Hapé Ritual Pipe Single Applicator Puma Bone &Ayahuasca Vine 40cm

  • This is an unique Ceremonial Tool handmade by local artisans in The Amazon Rainforest . Tepi Pipe Single Nose Applicator used to administer herbal snuffs.

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