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Handcrafted in the Andes Mountains of Peru ceremonial  pipe. One of a kind piece of art. A great item to add into a collection, allow to grow into to you and be a part of an amazing spiritual journey. Pipes like this are sacred shamanic tools and very rare. South American shamans have used these tools for centuries. 

Standing Shamanic Ceremonial Handcrafted Lama Bone Smoking Pipe 12cm

  • Native Indigenous standing Pipe Made from Llama Bone and Natural Wood Resin, Dimension approx 12cm. Beautiful hand crafted smoking pipe. Used during ceremonies such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote and Coca . Unique and Sourced ethically.

  • Yes we refund or exchange this product if received wrong or damaged, we  reassure you that you can buy with confidence. as we will do our best to pack and wrap as a fragile item.

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