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This ancient high-vibrational Premium Ceremonial Criollo Cacao has been produced with love and pure intention in a deeply eroded Andean valley around the Marañón River in a northwest area of Peru, using only traditional indigenous techniques, authentic ways of small production and great respect for Mother Nature, and the ancient local people who have cultivated it for thousands of years. It was ethically sourced, sustainably produced and presented in small blocks to be shaved by the person drinking it.

Sacred Natural Ceremonial Cacao Criollo 200g Blocks

  • This Ceremonial Cacao is all natural, all sacred, all traditional, is like drinking The Spirit of the Plant Medicine.  Best consumed as a brew, allow yourself a moment to tap in and connect to centre as you align on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

    100% Cacao - 200g in Blocks
    Appearance: Your cacao will arrive with an array of brown, white coloured layers all throughout, this is completely normal.  

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