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Wholesale Price for 12 Packs of 10 Natural Incense Sticks, Total 120 Natural Sticks.

Made from 100% pure Palo Santo Sacred Wood powder and Rue/Ruda leaves. Is believed to have the ability of getting rid of misfortunes, calamities and evil spirits. It provides an uplifting scent that raises vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to source. It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic.


Rue or Ruda is used to ward of heavy negative energies, such as hostility, also to clean spaces from bad spirits and energies to gain inner stability, less mental stress and more success. When used in flowering bath it will help healing spiritual wounds and be more happy and contempt with life.

Palo Santo & Rue Handcrafted 12 Packs of 10 Natural Premium Sticks

  • To use just light one stick and place in a incense stick holder it will burn all the way for about 15 minutes. Fair and Sustainable  Handcrafted in Peru/ 120 Natural Sticks with rituals/prayers link

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