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Smudging is commonly used for clearing,cleansing and purifying your home, office or any physical kind of place. They are also commonly used to cleanse and clear people and objects. Using feathers wand fan will balance and filter better the energies.

Palo Santo / Ayahuasca Mixed Exotic Feathers Smudging Wand Fan

  • Exceptional work of art, all natural handmade, 40cm long approx. Beautiful Hand Made Mixed Feather Smudge Natural Feathers Fan with a large piece of the Mother Medicine Vine Ayahuasca (Size 4X3.5CM approx.) for protection and guidance during spiritual rituals with unique and rare Huayruro seed for extra protection. Holding all the elements is a beautiful large chunk of Palo Santo (Sacred Wood, shape 4cm approx.) blessed by local Shamans in Peru responsible harvested from a 60 Years Old Palo Santo Tree.

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