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A beautiful Andean Mestana multifunctional Andean ethnic blanket for mesa rituals, Altar,  meditation, protection rituals or for decoration Made in The Andes Mountains in Peru. Woven textile made from alpaca, wool, cotton and merino by local artisans. Size 120x122cms aprox.


A mesa cloth, also referred to as a personal altar cloth, holds profound personal significance for shamans, and it is utilized for the greater good in various spiritual practices. The term "mesa" derives from "mestana," signifying the high plains. These sacred textiles from the Q'ero Paqo Shamans in Peru are highly esteemed and serve as personal altar cloths for rituals and ceremonies.

Mestana Mesa Sacred Altar sourced from Qero Paqo Shaman Andean Artisans

  • Mestana Cloths are wonderful woven expressions of the Peruvian Andean weavers' worldview. Because many traditional weavers believe that all of creation is imbued with spirit, the patterns they weave into their textile goods also express this natural energy and spirit. A mestana cloth, (also sometimes mastana) is a hand woven cloth which has both practical and esoteric purposes.

    Yet the real fascination of these woven works of art is the patterns and motifs they hold and what they signify.  These patterns are more than colorful, decorative designs. They have meaning, intention and energy.

    The designs tell a story of what the weavers see around them and how they interpret their world, explain their history or express their intentions. The energies and intentions, some say magic, this cloths hold make them the perfect grounding cloth for the sacred altars or mesas, of shamans, acting as a layer of consecrated ground upon which the shaman's medicine work is conducted.

  • Yes we refund or exchange this product if received broken or damaged, we  reassure you that you can buy with confidence. as we will do our best to pack and wrap as a fragile item.

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