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Unique and rare find, Magnetic Healing Stone SIZE 9 X 5 cm Aprox., Weight is 213g Aprox. Material is Alien Meteorite found in The Sacred Valley of Peru .Colors :Black with some dark marks.

Use for Mesa, Altar, Sacred Places or carry with you when seeking spiritual guidance, connection and respect for Pachamama Mother Earth. It will provide energetic protection, remove any bad energy, uplift your spirit and fill your space with good luck

Hiwaya Khuya Meteorite Stone for Mesa, Altar, Ritual Powerful Protection 213g

  • Hiwaya (Jiwaya) stones come from sacred Ausangate mountain of the Peruvian Andes and are greatly valued by the shamans or collectors who are searching for a premium Peruvian meteorite specimen . They regard them as being of extraterrestrial origin and are used in their ‘mesas’ as Khuya stones – or stones of power. Andean shamans that practice healing often carve Chumpi stone sets from these meteorites and use them to purify, strengthen and balance the subtle bodies and energy centres/chakras.

  • Yes we refund or exchange this product if received wrong or damaged, we  reassure you that you can buy with confidence. as we will do our best to pack and wrap as a fragile item.

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