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Beautiful multifunctional ethnic blanket for messa, Meditation, Altar Protection, Inspiration, Shamanic Ceremonies or for decoration, Pachamama, Stability, Passion Multi-Energy Colors. Large size 130 x 250 cm Aprox.

Handwoven Beautiful Detailed Craftsmanship Textile Native American 130x250cm

  • Woven handcrafted textile made from alpaca, wool, cotton and merino in the Andes Mountains Cusco Peru. Colours and Patterns  are unique Native American Style just amazing, great for meditation and ceremonies.

    This cloths are a expression of our Inca culture. These textiles are  handcrafted using techniques learned from generation to generation by residents of small villages of Cusco, elaborated with natural processes.

  • Yes we refund or exchange this product if received broken or damaged, we  reassure you that you can buy with confidence. as we will do our best to pack and wrap as a fragile item.

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