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Beautiful Hand Made Large Smudge Natural Feathers Fan, a ceremonial tool for protection,  energy clearing and guidance during spiritual rituals, cleansings and ceremonies or to have at an altar. 

This ritual mix feathers fan is typically used as a tool for smudging, which is a spiritual purification practice that involves burning sacred herbs and resins and then using the tool to fan the smoke over oneself, an object, or a space to clear negative energy and invite positive energy. 

Handcrafted, Size is 45cm long aprox.

Feathers are: Natural Guatemalan Pheasant mix feathers, Amazonian Macaw and Native Hawk Feathers, they represent beauty that is eternal, immortal, both within us and around us. 

Macaw symbolizes rising, flair, and visibility. Macaws are bright, bold, and loud. When using this tool It’s time to unapologetically show off your unique qualities. No more hiding. You have a skilled communicator and performer within you. Your unique flair and skills plant the seeds of inspiration in others. We need to see you being your full self to help sprout something new within us.

According to Mayan beliefs, the Guatemalan Pheasant represents renewal and resurrection, as they shed their feathers each year and grow new ones. The bird is also said to bring good luck and to represent the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Spiritually, Amazon Hawk feathers are believed to carry messages from the spirit realm. Their feathers are vehicles to bring messages up to the heavens and bring answers back down in swift and decisive movement. They can help communicate your higher intentions to the universal flow of energy, and help you uncover answers that encourage you to take spiritual steps forward.

Use this spiritual tool in ceremonies for purification, protection and as a prayer fan, representing a gift that can heal the heart. As believed by the ancestors, a prayer fan has considerable healing power and will help carry our prayers to the heavens.


Handcrafted Renewal Powerful Magical Smudge, Blessing Fan - Spirit Wand Prayer

  • Holding all the elements is a beautiful large chunk of Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) blessed by local Shamans in Peru responsible harvested from a 75 Years Old Palo Santo Tree, with a regular size Hiwaya Khuya Meteorite Stone found in The Sacred Valley of The Inka People, used to purify, strengthen and balance the subtle bodies and energy centres/chakras.

    Holding the chunk of Palo Santo is a large chakana or Inka Cross handcrafted from natural Buffalo Horn, representing the achievement of spiritual wisdom, the awakening of our Divine Self after the “climbing” of personality evolution is completed, the integration of personality that fusions us with our highest consciousness or True Self. 

    There is also included a piece of the Mother Medicine Vine Ayahuasca (SIZE 2X2CM aprox.) for protection and guidance during spiritual rituals with a unique and rare small Anaconda Bones Snake for prosperity, abundance and evil eye protection. Covered with small pieces of Lapis Lazuli crystal, which is closely connected to one’s mental awareness and intuition. Sometimes referred to as a wisdom keeper, Lapis Lazuli unlocks your ability to connect to your authentic self and recognize the value of your own knowledge. 

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