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This amazing drum is unique, hand made with love, good intentions and it´s future owner in our mind.
Price includes a Sapote wood drumstick for extra protection and guidance, which is also suitable with the drum.  It also comes with a shipibo patterns carry bag.  

Great for drum circles and individual rituals such as sound meditation. The Best for healing and tranquility, will show you the power of the waves, the forest, the rivers and mountain peaks by living today and looking into the distance to become calm and grounded. The paint is all done by hand and represents Mother Medicine Visions and Shipibo patterns.

This drum usually is used as a sacred sound healing tool during plant medicine ceremonies in The Amazon Rainforest to balance  the Ikaros or chants (songs) performed by healers to redesign and align the energy frequency of their patients. 


Hand Painted Handcrafted Shamanic Shipibo Ceremony Drum Andean Deer Hide 35cm

  • Beautiful sacred sound healing with unique style very rare find, handcrafted and professional hand painted in Pucallpa Peru, Native Shipibo Ceremonial Drum 35cm, made from real natural Andean Deer Hide. All the elements including skin, sapote wood, Puma skin on the drumstick were blessed by Don Pedro (a local Ayahuasquero Healer) prior to being processed. 

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