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Unique Handcarved Stone Qero Paqo's  3cm Chacana Inca Southern Cross Adjustable Necklace. Chakana or chakaque necklace means the bridge to the top. It is the denomination of the constellation of the Southern Cross and constitutes the synthesis of the Andean worldview, also, it is an astronomical concept linked to the seasons of the year.

NOTE: Price is for 1 piece only, we will choose for you with good intentions and love. Material: Hand crafted using local stone dressed and finished.

Chakana Sacred Inka Cross Ritual Handcrafted Pendant

  • The chakana is the most important symbol of the Andean culture. In the Inca empire this geometric figure was used as a computer for mathematical, religious, philosophical and social concepts. For the Incas it was a sacred element that brought together power, mysticism and wisdom.

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