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Beautiful Handcrafted Natural Macaw Feathers Smudge Fan, a rare powerful spiritual  tool for protection and guidance during spiritual ceremonies and cleansings rituals. Holding all the elements is a beautiful large chunk of Ayahuasca Vine (Mother Medicine) blessed by local Shamans in Pucallpa Peru, responsible harvested , decorated with Chacrona leaves made from natural resin to filter positive energies, which will also balance the other elements for a prosperous smudging.

Ayahuasca Smudging Macaw Feathers Wand Fan

  • An amazing spiritual tool handmade with love and good intentions with real Amazonian Macaw Feathers that represents beauty that is eternal, immortal, both within us and around us and a large chunk of Mother Medicine, to be used in ceremonies for purification and protection in its full of the soul . 30 Cm Long Aprox.

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