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Mates burilados is the Spanish name for amazing highly detailed scribed gourds that are handcrafted in the highlands of central Peru. The storytelling of ancients Mate Burilados not only carry handcrafted designs, but also the inheritance that the ancestors left for the humanity. On them we can find different stories ranging from cultural events of pre-inca era such as celebrations, folklore, myths and tragedies of their everyday life.They can be used as containers with lids to store sacred gifts such as coca leaves or incenses. 

Ancient Storytelling Gourds / Mates Burilados Hand-carved Art

  • This unique communication art is as far back as 4,000 years ago, when people in The Andes Mountains used visual art to capture the oral tradition and preserve ancient stories for future generations. The way they design the mates today is impressive. The artisans have mastered the burilado/carving art so that there is no draft design. They will work directly on the mate from designs they already had in their minds, which is quite amazing.

    Price is for 1 piece, we will choose for with good intention and love.

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