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It is made out of Blood Wood Palo Sangre for extra protection. The V-Shape of this applicator is designed to increase the intensity of the connection with the healer during the ceremony.

 Unique Hancrafted from natural components including  an Ayahuasca slice by Shipibo People in The Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Size is aprox. 41cm.

Ancient Shipibo Ceremonial Handcrafted Tepi Single Aplicator 42cm

  • Handcrafted Palo Sangre ceremonial  pipe. One of a kind piece of art. A great item to add into a collection. Pipes like this are sacred shamanic tools and very rare. South American shamans have used these tools for centuries. This is an unique handmade Ceremonial Tool with a slices of the real vine of the sacred Mother Medicine on its front. Tepi Pipe Single Applicator used to administer herbal snuffs.


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