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We are in NSW, Australia and considered so far by our customers a trusted online retailer and distributor of unique healing herbs, amazing superfood powders, natural incenses, rare essential oils, plant medicine essences, ceremonial clothes and accessories, healing jewlery, as well as other sacred and shamanic tools. All our products are sourced directly from local artisans and producers in The Amazon Rainforest and The Andes Mountains. We have items that have been used for Thousands of years for spiritual and physical healing. 

We at Andess believe that we can provide a sort of economical income to local producers by buying directly from them at fair prices. This will favor their growth, development and a better living standard without causing environmental problems or habitat loss. Our corporate responsibility is to make sure that there is a balance between producers and consumers. Therefore, we only buy        products that are ethically and sustainable produced. We try to do our best in supplying only handmade or partly handmade products because we believe that all the positive energy that the artisans put into their work will pass on to the end users. This energy will make them feel more connected with their spiritual path, thus, will provide a spiritual healing and a better way of living.

Our hope and aim in this fast changing world is that our amazing products and the true stories behind them will direct impact our global community in a significant way to better understand The Amazon Rainforest, The Andes Mountains and indigenous people living there.

  "Andess fights the mentality of taking Mother Earth for granted"

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