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Black Copal Ritual Resin Incense 40g


Since ancient times, Copal incense has been considered sacred to the people of Mexico, as well as South and Central America. It goes as far back to the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Copal holds a deep history and has many uses. Copal incense is a useful resin to work with for creating a calm and clear space to live in.

This Peruvian Black Copal Resin Incense is amazing for its ability to release a large amount of beautiful aromatic smoke into your space. Black Copal resin is used for purification in spiritual ceremonies, magic ceremonies, to cleanse and protect against strong negative energies and to bring in the vibration of positive energies. Black copal Incense is best known in Mexico as an Incense burned on the Day of the Dead.

Responsible harvested Black Copal 40g / Peru

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